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Friday, July 17, 2015

The introduction and application of tension device

 Belt conveyor is a transport machine that is driven by friction and it can transport materials continuously. Belt conveyor needs tension force in order to ensure the normal and stable operation of conveyor and meet the friction driving force between the driving drum and the belt. It is very important to choose the proper tension device when we design the belt conveyor.

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1.Tension device can make the belt conveyor have enough initial tension force so that can ensure the necessary friction between belt and driving drum.It also can reserve friction to meet the requirements of friction drive of transmission drum.
2.Tension device can ensure the tension force of minimum tension point in order to satisfy the pendulous restriction conditions of conveying belt so that can make sure of the normal running of conveyor.
3.To provide the necessary route for conveyor belt joint.
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Detailed rules and regulations of operational approaches
      When we turn off belt conveyor, the stored energy of conveying belt will release rapidly; and then it will damage its mechanical components and conveying belt itself, especially in the dip angle of belt conveyor and the tension device. When the belt conveyor brakes suddenly, the speed of driving drum will decrease rapidly and the linear displacement will less than the displacement of upstream drum. This characteristics will decrease the mechanical stress of upstream conveying belt and the deformation of belt will smaller, while the mechanical stress of downstream conveying belt will increase as well as deformation. That is to say,when the speed of transmission drum suddenly reduces, the returning conveying belt under the transmission drum caused by the mechanical stress of belt will be strained while returning conveying belt and upward conveying belt below the transmission drum will be relaxed because of the inertia of mechanical equipment. Thus, tension device of conveying belt should pay much attention to its deformation and brake the displacement of upstream position.

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