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Friday, March 4, 2016

How to Extend the Service Time of Belt Conveyor

One main factor of impacting the belt conveyor service time is the conveyor belt quality. Therefore high quality of conveyor belt is required in purchasing. Another main factor is that the sweeper is highly reliable to make sure no more material adhered to the return belt, in case they are next sent to the surface of the drive pulley and bend pulley, thus bring damage to the belt and shorten its service time:

Fixed belt conveyor 01
  1. Due to how to greatly expand the service time of the belt conveyor, Followings are some suggestions:
  2. Avoid belt slipping on the drive conveyor pulley. Please find the reason and give prompt adjust if slipping appears.
  3. Check the conveyor belt joints frequently. Damaged conveyor belt joints should be repaired or replaced in time.
  4. Check the service condition of the belt conveyor roller regularly. Properlubricating grease should be added into the sealing machine in the maintenance, and also inflexible rotating rollers should be replaced immediately.
  5. High quality of lubrication should be added into all rotating parts of belt conveyor periodically according to the requirement.
  6. Ensure the good work condition of the cleaning device and replace damaged parts in time.
  7. Regularly check the conveyor belt tensity. Prompt tension is needed if the belt is loose. Meanwhile please notice the belt position, timely adjust should be made when it’s off tracking.
Movable belt conveyor 02

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