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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Selection of Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Corrugated sidewall belt is used for pulling and carrying purposes for corrugated sidewall conveyor. It consists of a baseband, corrugated sidewall and baffle. The corrugated sidewall connects with both sides of baseband while the baffle connects with both side of corrugated wall accordingly to a certain space.
1. Baseband 
The baseband appearance of corrugated sidewall belt is the same with ordinary belt ,but its lateral stiffness is greater than ordinary belt. Usually corrugated sidewall belt adopts special belt as its baseband, the tensile materials (core layer) can be divided into four kinds: cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas and steel wire.
2. Corrugated sidewall
This series of products using S-type of corrugated sidewall.
3. Baffle
a) This series of product is recommended to use type T, type TS (B), type TC, type TCS (B) and type C baffles.
b) Type T and type TS (B) baffles are only suitable for conveyor angle β≤40 ° while type TC and type TCS (B) and type C of baffles are suitable for conveyors with any transmission angle.
c) Type C baffle is suitable for conveying viscous materials. On the other hand, if the conveying angle and material density are greater, then type TCS (b) baffle should be used.
d) The spacing between baffles is integral multiple of waveform of the corrugated sidewall. The spacing between baffles (TS) and height (H) are related to conveying angle β.  


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Maintenance Tips of Conveyor Belt

In the use and storage of conveyor belt, it should kept clean, avoid direct sunlight or exposed to rain and snow, prevent contact with acid, alkaline, oil, organic solvent and other substances, and also located at least one meter away from heating device. The temperature of the storage should maintained at between 18-40 ℃ , the relative humidity should maintained between 50-80℃.In the storage period, conveyor belt should be placed in rolls, but not folding; in the placement, it should turn-over once in every seasons. Different types and standards layers number of conveyor belt should not be connected together while used, the best connection is used the bonded process. Type, structure, standard, number of layers for conveyor belt should be used according to the reasonable choice.

maintenance of conveyor belt
Conveyor belt operating speed generally not more than 2.5 m/s. For large lump size, material with large abrasiveness and fixed unloading device should use low velocity. The relationship between driving pulley diameter and coating layer of conveyor belt, supporting of driving and bend pulley and also requirement for trough angle of idler roller should according to the design specification of conveyor belt, reasonable selection. Direction of feeding should along the operating direction of the conveyor belt, use chute in order to minimize the impact of material fall on receiving belt, reduce material’s free fall distance. The feeding section of conveyor belt should shortened the spacing of idler and use absorb idler as discharge section. The belt should use striker plate with moderately soft, to avoid the rigid striker plate will scrape the belt surface of conveyor belt.

coking coal belt conveyors

Monday, September 14, 2015

Useful tips of selective purchasing and storing conveyor belt

Selective purchasing
1.Describe the name and characteristics of specific materials accurately, specially the particle size, temperature and if acid ,alkali resistance or special requirement. For instance, illustrate the temperature used for the heat resistance conveyor belt.
2.Describe the specific application areas, requirement specification (width, length, number of piles, thickness, etc.), especially the temperature used and convey capacity of heat resistance conveyor belt.
1.In the process of conveyor belt transport and storage , it should keep clean and keep it from direct sunlight ,rain and snow, prevent it from contacting with acid, alkaline, oil, organic solvent and other substances, and also locate it at least one meter away from heating device.
2.The temperature of the storage should be maintained between 18-40 ℃ , the relative humidity should be maintained between 50-80℃.
3. In the period of storage, conveyor belt should be placed in rolls instead of folding and it should be turned over once every season.
 tips of selective conveyor belt

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Role of Conveyor Belt Cleaning Device

The belt conveyor is often used to transport viscous materials, such as coal dust, mud, powder materials and etc.. Some of them will stick on the working surface of belt conveyor, which cannot be removed when discharged the materials. At this time, the adhesive material will then enter the return idler, the roller become dirty as attachment stick on it. Materials enter the roller casing, thereby increasing the radial and thrust load of bearing block, causing rapid wear of bearing. The materials deposit on the roller casing will tear the rubber surface of the belt conveyor, accelerate the wear out failure of belt conveyor. If sticky materials enter the tail bend pulley, it will stick on the surface of roller. The more the viscous materials stick on it, the greater the force of the sticky materials, which will result belt deviation and increase belt wear, leading to serious consequences.

coal long distance conveyor belt

The remaining material on the belt conveyor will increase the friction force on roller, sometimes it may cause the tear on the rubber surface of belt conveyor and also the layer of roller encapsulate. If the cleaning device can function well, it can prolong the service life of the roller, belt conveyor and etc.. This shows that the cleaning device has a significant effect on belt conveyor. In the process of operation, if you want to clean the sticky material on the tail bend pulley through anthropogenic removal, it often prone to serious bodily injury or death. Hence, in order to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor, the sticky material must be cleaned up by cleaning device before materials enter into the snub pulley.

 coal conveyor belt system

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Five Phenomenon will Lead to Bucket Elevator Dust Explosion

Bucket elevator is widely applied in industrial and agricultural production. In the process of loading materials, the buckets of bucket elevator will strike on the material at a higher speed, which causes a great friction and impulsive force on materials, and will result friction between materials. Hence, the dust material dust will be blown out. When unloading the materials, materials will be thrown from the bucket, which also cause the dust blowing out. 
In order to control the dust leakage, bucket elevator works under the condition of completely sealed, the enclosed space virtually increased the risk of explosion. Although the bucket elevator is worked in a sealed condition, the casing is not very tight, the air can enter through the connector and inlet port. Therefore, there is presence of large amounts of oxygen in the internal. When there is a fire, it can generate dust explosions. Bucket elevator can create dust explosion may be due to undesirable of machine operation, where there is high possibility of creating a spark. The main reason is as follows:
(1) if particle flow contains metallic impurities, it may collide and rub with the bucket in the process of the flowing, this will create spark.
(2) if belt deviation occurs and rubs with casing, it may produce spark, so in order to prevent the sparks, it is better to use the chain bucket elevator.
(3) when buckets or screw fall off, it can produces sparks when rub with other components.
(4) when bearing overheats or belt skid for a long period, it can achieve ignition point of dust explosion.
(5) the open flames enters, igniting dust explosion etc..

bucket elevator conveying system
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Friday, September 4, 2015

What are the Components of Belt Conveyor

1. Conveyor frame parts
Including: head frame, tail frame, intermediate frame and supporting leg which are produced by cutting, welding, punching and polishing with standard channel, angle iron, steel and other.
2. Composition of other components:
i. Roller
Roller has the highest quantity and is the most carrying parts of belt conveyor. Impact roller, friction centering carrier roller, belt conveyor roller, and so on are included. The lifespan of roller is depends on the usage, usually the roller needs to be replaced every one to two years.

belt conveyor rollers
ii. Drum pulley 
Power conversion device and redirection device of belt conveyor including the drive pulley and return pulley. It is durable but the bearings need to be lubricated.

belt conveyor pulley manufacturer
iii. Conveyor belt
It is one of the most expensive parts of belt conveyor, and also an important part to carry the materials. Hence, it needs to be maintained properly.
iv. Driving device
It is the power source of belt conveyor. Commonly motor works together with reducer, however, motorized pulley can also be used. 
3. Cleaning device
Including : head cleanser, non-loaded cleanser, tail cleanser, spring cleanser and so on.

belt conveyor cleaning device
4. Protection device
Including : pull-cord switch, running deviation switch, skid detector and so on.

pull switch of belt conveyor
5. Electronic control device: 
Including: electric cabinet, power protection device.
All the parts mentioned above are needed to ensure the normal operation ad production of belt conveyor, hope this article is helpful!

 belt conveyor delivery

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Five Maintenance Tips for Belt Conveyor Roller

Belt conveyor roller is an important part for belt conveyor. It accounts for 35% of a belt conveyor total cost and bears more than 70% of the resistance. So the maintenance of conveyor roller is particularly important. Today PK Machinery will share some maintenance tips with you:

belt conveyor roller production line

1. Generally speaking, the roller normal service life is more than 20000 h and it doesn’t need maintain. But according to application place and load capacity, we should formulate a maintenance date correspondingly, as well as cleaning, adding grease and maintenance etc. For the rollers which with abnormal sound or rollers don’t rotate, please to replace timely.
2. When replace the bearing, keep the bearing opening outward, spare proper clearance when put the bearings into the roller.
3. The labyrinth seals should adopt original accessories, put the seals into the roller respectively when assembly.

labyrinth seals
4. During operation, the rollers should be protected from heavy items hitting the tube.
5. In order to ensure the roller sealing performance and using performance, free disassembly roller is prohibited.

maintenance of conveyor roller