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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Do You Know the Installation Position Requirement of Belt Weigh Scale

The belt weigh scale measures bulk solid materials of the belt conveyor automatically and continuously, it can measure instantaneous throughput and total cumulative throughput. The belt weigh scale is widely used in industrial feed-in automatic continuous weighing and automatic Ingredients weighing.
Do you know the installation position requirement of the belt weigh scale? PK Machinery will answer for you!
1.The belt weigh scale should be installed in a linear segment of the belt conveyor.
2.The installation place should be where belt tension of belt conveyor change least, installing near the tail is ideal. When installed in the tail ,the distance between the belt weigh scale and the loading point should be not less than 5 ~ 9 meters, at the same time the distance between plate and The belt weigh scale shall not be less than 3 ~ 5 drag roller spacing.
3.When the belt weigh scale must be installed near the concave belt, should ensure that it is installed on the conveyor line segment and ensure that the entire loading place before and after the belt weigh scale at least four drag rollers are closely contacted with belt.
4.When the belt weigh scale must be installed in the vicinity of a convex arc curve, should ensure that there are no arc belt in the vertical direction between the loading point and the belt weigh scale .the arc segment must be 6 m or 5 times drag roller roller spacing outside the weighing segment dragged.
5.When the belt conveyor has mobile discharger, should comply with the requirements of the "(3)", at the same time ensure when running the belt centerline always match together with the belt weigh scale centerline.
6.To guarantee the accuracy of the belt weigh scale measurement, the belt conveyor should have only one loading point.
7.In order to ensure the measuring accuracy, the capacity of the belt conveyor should be in the range of 20 ~ 120% Qmax.


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