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Saturday, December 5, 2015

How the Fixed Belt Conveyor Roller Classify?

Roller is used to support the conveyor belt and carry of the material, to ensure the stability of the conveyor belt.
In general, the fixed belt conveyor roller is the following:
1.Trough roller: it is also known as carrying roller which is used for carrying bulk material;
2.Parallel roller: parallel upper roller is used for carrying materials, parallel lower roller is to support the return branch of the conveyor belt;
3.Self-aligning roller: it includes taper aligning supporting roller and friction aligning roller which are mainly used for adjusting the belt deviation to avoid S-shaped, so as to ensure the stable operation of conveyor belt;
4.Impact roller: it is installed in the lower part of the conveyor belt, which can reduce the impact of the conveyor belt to extend the service life of the conveyor belt;
5.Return roller: it supports the conveyor belt of lower branch,including parallel type, V type, inverse V type,etc. V and inverse V type roller can reduce the conveying belt deviation possibilities;
6.Transition roller: it is installed between the drum and the first set of roller, which makes the conveying belt gradually turns from through shape into or flat shape and reduce additional stress of the conveying band edge turns to trough shape due to the expansion, at the same time,it can prevent the material spreading phenomenon of conveyor belt.
In addition, the comb type roller and screw roller, which can remove the sticky material on conveyor belt to keep the conveyor belt clean. 

Type and Function of Fixed Belt Conveyor Roller

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