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Friday, February 19, 2016

Ways to Maximize the Performance of Belt Conveyor

During application of belt conveyor, it is beneficial to reduce operating resistance by using high precision conveyor rollers and high performance belt. Revolving resistance of rollers and forward resistance of belt conveyor account for 50% main resistance in belt conveyor. If the belt conveyor length is more than 80m, main resistance will be influenced by device condition, friction coefficient related to real working condition, conveyor length, rotating quality in unit length of roller, belt quality, material property, etc.
Apart from above mentioned influential factor, we can refer to the following ways to maximize the performance of belt conveyor:
1.Reduce or adjust belt deviation;
2.Add lubricating oil to components of belt conveyor;
3.Clean up the sundries produced in transportation promptly;
4.Tension force of belt conveyor should be adjusted the best status;
5.Please add oil to conveyor pulley at fixed period to ensure smooth rotation;
6.It’s better to adopt vulcanized joint, though it costs too much money, it can keep a longer service life(especially suitable for fix belt conveyor).

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