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Friday, February 26, 2016

Matters should be noted during belt sway switch installation and adjustment

Matters should be noted during belt sway switch installation and adjustment

Belt sway switch is used to check the belt running deviation of the belt conveyor, it is a safe protection device of automatic alarm and stop when the belt running deviation appears.Belt sway switch is fixed on the conveyor belt bracket, action bar is at the side of the belt, when the belt running deviation appears, force the action bar deviation, and touch the alarm micro switch. If the belt running deviation continues,will touch another group of contact, and the conveyor will be protective to stop.
In the installation and adjustment of belt sway switch, what matters should we pay attention to? PK Machinery will answer for you!
1. Belt sway switch should be located on both sides of the conveyor belt, the vertical roll should be vertical with conveyor belt edge flat, and both sides of the conveyor belt are located at 1/3 height of vertical roll.
2.The distance between the vertical roll of belt sway switch and the normal position of conveyor belt should be 50 ~ 100 mm.
3.The quantity of belt sway switch ought to be determined according to the length of the conveyor, types and arrangement. Commonly it is located on the conveyor head, tail, convex segment, concave segment and the middle position.(Note: when the conveyor is longer, a pair of belt sway switch can be located every 30 ~ 35 m.)
4.Belt sway switch connects the conveyor middle frame through the mounting bracket, switch bracket will be welded with conveyor frame after the installing completion of the conveyor, and belt sway switch shall be bolted in the bracket.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Do You Know the Installation Position Requirement of Belt Weigh Scale

The belt weigh scale measures bulk solid materials of the belt conveyor automatically and continuously, it can measure instantaneous throughput and total cumulative throughput. The belt weigh scale is widely used in industrial feed-in automatic continuous weighing and automatic Ingredients weighing.
Do you know the installation position requirement of the belt weigh scale? PK Machinery will answer for you!
1.The belt weigh scale should be installed in a linear segment of the belt conveyor.
2.The installation place should be where belt tension of belt conveyor change least, installing near the tail is ideal. When installed in the tail ,the distance between the belt weigh scale and the loading point should be not less than 5 ~ 9 meters, at the same time the distance between plate and The belt weigh scale shall not be less than 3 ~ 5 drag roller spacing.
3.When the belt weigh scale must be installed near the concave belt, should ensure that it is installed on the conveyor line segment and ensure that the entire loading place before and after the belt weigh scale at least four drag rollers are closely contacted with belt.
4.When the belt weigh scale must be installed in the vicinity of a convex arc curve, should ensure that there are no arc belt in the vertical direction between the loading point and the belt weigh scale .the arc segment must be 6 m or 5 times drag roller roller spacing outside the weighing segment dragged.
5.When the belt conveyor has mobile discharger, should comply with the requirements of the "(3)", at the same time ensure when running the belt centerline always match together with the belt weigh scale centerline.
6.To guarantee the accuracy of the belt weigh scale measurement, the belt conveyor should have only one loading point.
7.In order to ensure the measuring accuracy, the capacity of the belt conveyor should be in the range of 20 ~ 120% Qmax.


Friday, February 19, 2016

Ways to Maximize the Performance of Belt Conveyor

During application of belt conveyor, it is beneficial to reduce operating resistance by using high precision conveyor rollers and high performance belt. Revolving resistance of rollers and forward resistance of belt conveyor account for 50% main resistance in belt conveyor. If the belt conveyor length is more than 80m, main resistance will be influenced by device condition, friction coefficient related to real working condition, conveyor length, rotating quality in unit length of roller, belt quality, material property, etc.
Apart from above mentioned influential factor, we can refer to the following ways to maximize the performance of belt conveyor:
1.Reduce or adjust belt deviation;
2.Add lubricating oil to components of belt conveyor;
3.Clean up the sundries produced in transportation promptly;
4.Tension force of belt conveyor should be adjusted the best status;
5.Please add oil to conveyor pulley at fixed period to ensure smooth rotation;
6.It’s better to adopt vulcanized joint, though it costs too much money, it can keep a longer service life(especially suitable for fix belt conveyor).

Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Select Belt Conveyor Pulley?

You need to provide following parameters before you purchase belt conveyor pulley.
1.Diameter of pulley wall(not include rubber thickness):_________mm.
2.Length of pulley wall:___________mm.
3.Diameter of pulley Shaft:_________mm.
4.Length of pulley Shaft:___________mm.
5.Material of Pulley wall:______________.
6.Material of Pulley shaft:_____________.
7.Bearing brand:_____________.
8.Keyless Locking Devices brand:____________.
9.Surface treatment:______________(coating rubber/galvanized/other)
(1)If coating rubber,thickness of rubber:__________mm
(2)Rubber type:____________(herringbone/rhombus/other)
10.Pulley type:_________(ordinary pulley or motorized pulley)

If motorized pulley,please confirm following information:
(1)Motor installation type:______________(exterior installation or interior installation)
(2)Motor Power:_________Kw.
(3)Motor Voltage:3 phase ______V______Hz.

Besides,in order to ensure conveyor pulley to meet your needs,please confirm the conveyor information:
1.Handling Capacity:________t/h.
2.Belt speed:__________m/s.
3.Driven device Power:_____________kw.
It’s better that if you can provide pulley drawings! 


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How to prolong lifespan of belt conveyor

Quality of belt is the main reason to impact on belt conveyor lifespan, so it must purchase the belt with high quality. Meanwhile, it should make sure that sweeper is reliable to use so that there is no material on the return belt. Otherwise, materials adhered to return belt will be taken to the surface of drive pulley and bend pulley, then it will damage belt and reduce its lifespan.
There are some problems in the use of belt conveyors sometimes, to which require you to pay attention that you can greatly extend the service life of belt conveyor.
1. If there is the phenomenon of belt slipping on drive pulley, users should find the reasons and adjust it promptly.
2. Please always check the belt connectors, if there is local damage, please repair it or replace conveyors joints.
3. Please check rollers using conditions regularly. Adding proper lubricating grease into sealing ring when making maintenance. And replace inflexible rotating rollers immediately.
4. It must add good quality lubrication into all rotating parts of belt conveyor. Please add lubrication at fixed period in accordance with the requirements.
5. Please ensure that the cleaning device has good working conditions, and the damaged components should be replaced.
6. Please check tension level of belt conveyor regularly. If the belt is loose, please tension it promptly and observe whether the belt is off tracking, otherwise it should be adjusted timely.

lifespan of belt conveyor

Monday, February 1, 2016

The application of conveyor belt fluid coupling

Fluid coupling is a used fluid transmission component. Motor drives coupling pump wheel rotation, pump impeller blade agitates intracavitary working liquid, under the centrifugal effect,pump wheel turns mechanical energy into liquid energy, then passes to the turbine blades, turbine passes the absorbent liquid energy to the machine.
Fluid coupling has the function of flexible transmission,slow down the impact and the isolation of torsional vibration, prolong the start-up time, reduce the starting current,make the motor light load start-up, solve the problem of heavy large inertia load start-up difficulties and protect the motor when overloads, energy and power saving effects are remarkable.
On the conveyor, fluid coupling has the function of connecting motor and reducer ,it replaces the mechanical coupling. The belt conveyor fluid coupling has two effects:
1.Overload protection
If the belt conveyor is overload, fluid coupling slip frequency increases, working fluid warms up, fluid coupling will spray without burning motor to a certain temperature. Of course sometimes coupling will be installed with a temperature control device, when work liquid superheats, temperature control device can control the motor and cut the power cut to protect the motor.
2. Flexible-start
When motor starts,belt conveyor starts slowly and acceleratedly , this can reduce the grid big impact to make the motor start up in light load. At the same time,it can reduce the effect of belt tension,protect belt and prolong life, especially under the heavy load start-up.