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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Installation and Notes of Belt Conveyor Anti-rain Cover

1) Open cover and fixed cover are manufactured with the galvanized steel plate or the colorized coating steel plate. Generally ,there will be 1 piece of open cover and 7 pieces of fixed covers installed every 8 pieces covers, the 2 kinds covers also can be installed side by side alternately ( it also can be matched according to customer’s requirement). At first, fasten the fixed conveyor with drilling rivets and based on the line which is upward 30mm from the top of Z type steel, fix a mounting hole every 450mm, every piece of cover overlaps 2 wave crests. Open cover overlaps above the fixed covers in order to open conveniently.

open conveyor anti-rain cover
2) The Z type steel or the connection angle iron which is the main support frame of the conveyor cover, the length is equal to the length of the installed conveyor cover
The Z type steel or the connection angle iron is welded on the channel steel or the little stiffening angle iron on both sides of the conveyor

3) Install the covers (fixed covers) from one side to another side along the conveyor, during installation, people are not allowed to stand on the covers and no hard beating and hitting is allowed.
4) Mount the fixed covers on the Z type steel with the drilling rivet. The mounting points are not less than 4 on every piece.

5) 1 piece of observation window cover could be installed every 10 pieces for convenient checking and inspecting. It is decided by users.

6) Salient point cover is only used for the salient points of the convex-concave of the conveyor. Deviation switch cover is only used for covering the deviation switch. These 2 kinds covers also can overlap the fixed covers.

fixed conveyor anti-rain cover

4. Note

1) During the installation, please handle the anti-rain cover carefully and avoid scratching.

2) After installing the accessories, please clean the surface and paint the scratched points again.

anti-rain cover of incline belt conveyor

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