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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Daily, Weekly, Monthly Belt Conveyor Check

When using the belt conveyor, less daily check and maintenance or do not pay attention to maintenance will greatly reduce the service life of the belt conveyor, when the belt conveyor problems occur, it will affect the work efficiency, so regular inspection for belt conveyor parts is needed.
Daily check
Mechanical items: inspect the guardrail, bridge, roller, pulley, turnabout pulley and belt.
Electrical items: inspect the anti-skid device, deviation switch, emergency stop switch, tear detection device, anti-reverse device.
pull switch

Weekly check
Mechanical items: inspect the driving wheel, guide wheel section, reducer, inspect the machine's tail, check tensioning device and pull rope device.
Electrical items: inspect the main motor, inverter, filter, repair and inspect the main transformer wiring, electrical control, power system.
Monthly check
Mechanical items: inspect the rope wheel, transition wheel, guide wheel, driving wheel, belt wheel, tensioning car and check the oiling.
Electrical items: inspect the fastening bolts, fast switch; the maintenance and repair of commutator, limit protection, emergency stop protection and the alarm system. 

 belt slip detector

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Notice! Prohibit the following things during the operation of mobile belt conveyor

During the operation of mobile belt conveyor, if we operate it in the wrong way, it may lead to short service life, conveyor damage, even hurt the operator, please see the following things which are prohibited during the operation of the mobile belt conveyor:
1. Prohibit turning on the switch before making sure all nuts and bolts are tighten.
We usually disassemble the mobile belt conveyor during transport process. Customer needs to assemble it on site. If the nuts and bolts are loose, they may fall off during operating, thus, it will be a great potential safety hazard.
2. Prohibit changing the conveyor head direction before shutting down the switch.
Please shut down the switch first if when you want to change the conveyor head direction, or it will be easy to hurt the operator.
3. Prohibit moving the conveyor before shutting the switch
Mobile belt conveyor is a kind of light- weight conveyor, it can be moved anywhere, however, please shut down the switch first before moving it to ensure the safety of the operator.
4. Prohibit standing under the conveyor.
Please note, prohibit standing under the conveyor no matter operate the conveyor or not.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Safety Cautions of Fixed Belt Conveyor

Safety Cautions of Fixed Belt Conveyor

In the process of daily use,many users may use the wrong way to operate the belt conveyor.It will not only result in conveyor damage, but also harm to the operating personnel. Please pay attention to the following safety operating methods in order to utilize the fixed belt conveyor better.

Before the fixed belt conveyor put into use,uses should attention the following aspects.

1.Install the fixed belt conveyor according  to the prescribed installation methods
2.Check the running part of the belt buckles and bearing device is normal, whether the protective equipment is complete
3.The temperature of the working environment and delivery of materials shall not exceed 50 ℃ and lower than -10 ℃

Fixed Belt Conveyor

4.No pedestrians or take stand by the conveyor belt
5.Ensure the conveyor motor insulation is good

During the operation of belt conveyor,users can not ignore the following aspects.

1.No-load start the belt conveyor. Functioning rear can into the material.
2.When the conveyor is running the series, we should begin the discharge end, a sequence start. 
3.Be sure to stop into the material and then stop
4.Forbidden to pull the belt by hands,in order to avoid the accident

Sew Belt Conveyor Motor