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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why will Belt Conveyor Pulley Wear?

Belt conveyor is a kind of common conveyor equipment, often used in a variety of material transportation with large throughput, stable performance. In the process of using, pulley may occur wearing, this phenomenon is caused by two reasons:
One reason is that the design gap between roller bracket and pulley is too small, at the same time, building foundation hole vertical distance is less than the pulley support distance.In the process of belt running, overlarge belt tension will result in the change of its traction.Return accretion has not been cleared up, which will form accumulation debris and occur rubber friction.For design factors,as the space between pulley stents and pulley is too small, and the base hole of the vertical distance is less than the pulley support distance, it is not easy to handle timely, which is the main cause of pulley rubber lining wear.
Work environment factor is the second reason leads to rubber lining equipment damage phenomenon.

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