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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Five Maintenance Tips for Belt Conveyor Roller

Belt conveyor roller is an important part for belt conveyor. It accounts for 35% of a belt conveyor total cost and bears more than 70% of the resistance. So the maintenance of conveyor roller is particularly important. Today PK Machinery will share some maintenance tips with you:

belt conveyor roller production line

1. Generally speaking, the roller normal service life is more than 20000 h and it doesn’t need maintain. But according to application place and load capacity, we should formulate a maintenance date correspondingly, as well as cleaning, adding grease and maintenance etc. For the rollers which with abnormal sound or rollers don’t rotate, please to replace timely.
2. When replace the bearing, keep the bearing opening outward, spare proper clearance when put the bearings into the roller.
3. The labyrinth seals should adopt original accessories, put the seals into the roller respectively when assembly.

labyrinth seals
4. During operation, the rollers should be protected from heavy items hitting the tube.
5. In order to ensure the roller sealing performance and using performance, free disassembly roller is prohibited.

maintenance of conveyor roller


  1. Anne, thanks for suggesting some maintenance tips for conveyor belts. You make a great point about how you should make sure you are regularly cleaning the belt and adding grease to keep everything running smoothly. It also makes sense that you would want to replace any rollers that are making abnormal sounds or not rotating. It seems like the maintenance of the belt is vital to production and efficiency.

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