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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Belt running deviation and skid processing method of belt conveyor

  • Running deviation has many reasons, according to the different reasons , we need to different treatment:
  1. Adjust the carrying idler group.
  2. Install the self-aligning roller group.
  3. Tension adjustment, tension adjustment is an important link of belt conveyor running deviation.
  4. Adjust the driving drum and redirection roller position. And the adjustment of the redirection roller driving drum is an important part of the belt running deviation adjustment.
  5. Two-way adjust deviation of belt conveyor.
  • Belt skid treatment method:
  1. Adjustable tension when the belt conveyor in skid trip to increase tension. Sometimes tensioning trip has not enough, however, belt in the permanent deformation , the belt can be cut part to and sulfide.
  2. In the use of nylon belt or EP,tension travel is longer,  when tension trip has not enough, sulfide or increase tension to solve.
  3. Heavy hammer tensioning belt conveyor belt skid can add weight to solve,  added until not skid. But should add not too much, avoid belt  bear too much unnecessary tension and reduce the service life of the belt.

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