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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Notice! Prohibit the following things during the operation of mobile belt conveyor

During the operation of mobile belt conveyor, if we operate it in the wrong way, it may lead to short service life, conveyor damage, even hurt the operator, please see the following things which are prohibited during the operation of the mobile belt conveyor:
1. Prohibit turning on the switch before making sure all nuts and bolts are tighten.
We usually disassemble the mobile belt conveyor during transport process. Customer needs to assemble it on site. If the nuts and bolts are loose, they may fall off during operating, thus, it will be a great potential safety hazard.
2. Prohibit changing the conveyor head direction before shutting down the switch.
Please shut down the switch first if when you want to change the conveyor head direction, or it will be easy to hurt the operator.
3. Prohibit moving the conveyor before shutting the switch
Mobile belt conveyor is a kind of light- weight conveyor, it can be moved anywhere, however, please shut down the switch first before moving it to ensure the safety of the operator.
4. Prohibit standing under the conveyor.
Please note, prohibit standing under the conveyor no matter operate the conveyor or not.


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