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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Daily, Weekly, Monthly Belt Conveyor Check

When using the belt conveyor, less daily check and maintenance or do not pay attention to maintenance will greatly reduce the service life of the belt conveyor, when the belt conveyor problems occur, it will affect the work efficiency, so regular inspection for belt conveyor parts is needed.
Daily check
Mechanical items: inspect the guardrail, bridge, roller, pulley, turnabout pulley and belt.
Electrical items: inspect the anti-skid device, deviation switch, emergency stop switch, tear detection device, anti-reverse device.
pull switch

Weekly check
Mechanical items: inspect the driving wheel, guide wheel section, reducer, inspect the machine's tail, check tensioning device and pull rope device.
Electrical items: inspect the main motor, inverter, filter, repair and inspect the main transformer wiring, electrical control, power system.
Monthly check
Mechanical items: inspect the rope wheel, transition wheel, guide wheel, driving wheel, belt wheel, tensioning car and check the oiling.
Electrical items: inspect the fastening bolts, fast switch; the maintenance and repair of commutator, limit protection, emergency stop protection and the alarm system. 

 belt slip detector

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