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Monday, August 17, 2015

How to Solve Portable Belt Conveyor Belt Skid Problem

Portable belt conveyor is a lightweight continuous conveying equipment with the features of high efficiency, good mobility, and convenient usage. It not only conveys bulking material but also realize conveying bagged material, the angle and lifting height is adjustable. In our daily life of operation, we may have trouble of belt skid problem, today PK Machinery will introduce the method to solve the problem:

1.You can adjust the stroke of tension to increase the tension to solve belt skid problem for the portable conveyor which adopts screw or hydraulic tensioning . However ,if the stroke of tension is not enough, it may lead to permanent belt deformation ,and you need to cut a piece of belt off and vulcanize again. 

2.If you require long stroke of tension when using nylon or EP belt, you can also vulcanize the belt or increase the stroke of tension to solve belt skip problem.  
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