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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Installation of Open Belt Conveyor Cover

View 1: Installation drawing of whole open –close type 

whole open-close conveyor cover drawings

View 2: Installation drawing of half open –close type (double chip open- close type) 

1) installation of handle 
After overlapping the open cover and fixed cover, based on the center line of the cover, the location upward 250mm is the center line used for installing the handle (it can be adjustable according to height of the conveyor support frame). Put the handle straightly and drilling a 4-Φ5 hole, then fasten with the rivets.

2) installation of hinge 
Adjust one side of the cover up higher from the top of the Z type steel (angle iron) 5mm, inward 140mm from the front and back sides of the cover, and upward 27mm is the location of the hinge, then drill holes Φ5 and fasten with the rivet. Others holes are also fastened with the rivets. 

3) installation of the lock catch
After installing the hinge, on the other side of the cover, inward 185mm from front and back sides of the cover, then based on the bottom, upward 36mm and 77mm , drill holes Φ5 and fasten the lock with the rivet, next keeping the lock locking( clamp status), and then putting the lock nose on the Z type steel straightly and drilling hole to fasten.

4) installation of the open cover
Overlap the open cover on the bilateral fixed covers. The overlapped length should be the length of 2 pitches of waves, then put the other side of the hinge appressed on the angle iron and drill hole 4-Φ5 with the rivet fastened.

conveyor belt rainproof cover

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