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Monday, August 31, 2015

What Should We Note During the Installation of Large Angle Belt Conveyor

Large angle belt conveyor can be transported with large inclination , it even can be vertical. It adopts sidewall belt as the main part. The advantages are: large conveying amount, small space occupation ,small noise etc. which is widely used for conveying powder, blocked material. Here PK Machinery will introduce the installation notes during installation:
1.Check whether the components of large angle belt conveyor are complete or not
Generally speaking, belt conveyor includes lots of components: head & tail frame, concave & convex segmental arc frame and middle frame, however, the quantity of trough roller frame, rollers and sealing cover is big, you need to check carefully and guarantee the components are transported to the right place.
2.Installation, positioning and welding of head and tail frame, concave and convex segmental arc frame
First of all, please find the center line of the belt conveyor by using a steel wire. When installation, please make the head & tail frame, concave & convex segmental arc frame subject to the center line.

convex segmental arc frame
3.Check belt running and adjust the belt if it runs off tracking
After installation of belt, trough roller, self-aligning roller and vertical roller, connect the power supply , run the belt and adjust the belt offset distance .
4.Installation of large dip Angle belt conveyor accessories and bolts
After adjusting the belt, you can start to install the sealing cover, head cover and fastening bolts.

Angle belt conveyor design

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