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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How to prolong lifespan of belt conveyor

Quality of belt is the main reason to impact on belt conveyor lifespan, so it must purchase the belt with high quality. Meanwhile, it should make sure that sweeper is reliable to use so that there is no material on the return belt. Otherwise, materials adhered to return belt will be taken to the surface of drive pulley and bend pulley, then it will damage belt and reduce its lifespan.
There are some problems in the use of belt conveyors sometimes, to which require you to pay attention that you can greatly extend the service life of belt conveyor.
1. If there is the phenomenon of belt slipping on drive pulley, users should find the reasons and adjust it promptly.
2. Please always check the belt connectors, if there is local damage, please repair it or replace conveyors joints.
3. Please check rollers using conditions regularly. Adding proper lubricating grease into sealing ring when making maintenance. And replace inflexible rotating rollers immediately.
4. It must add good quality lubrication into all rotating parts of belt conveyor. Please add lubrication at fixed period in accordance with the requirements.
5. Please ensure that the cleaning device has good working conditions, and the damaged components should be replaced.
6. Please check tension level of belt conveyor regularly. If the belt is loose, please tension it promptly and observe whether the belt is off tracking, otherwise it should be adjusted timely.

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