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Monday, February 1, 2016

The application of conveyor belt fluid coupling

Fluid coupling is a used fluid transmission component. Motor drives coupling pump wheel rotation, pump impeller blade agitates intracavitary working liquid, under the centrifugal effect,pump wheel turns mechanical energy into liquid energy, then passes to the turbine blades, turbine passes the absorbent liquid energy to the machine.
Fluid coupling has the function of flexible transmission,slow down the impact and the isolation of torsional vibration, prolong the start-up time, reduce the starting current,make the motor light load start-up, solve the problem of heavy large inertia load start-up difficulties and protect the motor when overloads, energy and power saving effects are remarkable.
On the conveyor, fluid coupling has the function of connecting motor and reducer ,it replaces the mechanical coupling. The belt conveyor fluid coupling has two effects:
1.Overload protection
If the belt conveyor is overload, fluid coupling slip frequency increases, working fluid warms up, fluid coupling will spray without burning motor to a certain temperature. Of course sometimes coupling will be installed with a temperature control device, when work liquid superheats, temperature control device can control the motor and cut the power cut to protect the motor.
2. Flexible-start
When motor starts,belt conveyor starts slowly and acceleratedly , this can reduce the grid big impact to make the motor start up in light load. At the same time,it can reduce the effect of belt tension,protect belt and prolong life, especially under the heavy load start-up.


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