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Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Select Belt Conveyor Pulley?

You need to provide following parameters before you purchase belt conveyor pulley.
1.Diameter of pulley wall(not include rubber thickness):_________mm.
2.Length of pulley wall:___________mm.
3.Diameter of pulley Shaft:_________mm.
4.Length of pulley Shaft:___________mm.
5.Material of Pulley wall:______________.
6.Material of Pulley shaft:_____________.
7.Bearing brand:_____________.
8.Keyless Locking Devices brand:____________.
9.Surface treatment:______________(coating rubber/galvanized/other)
(1)If coating rubber,thickness of rubber:__________mm
(2)Rubber type:____________(herringbone/rhombus/other)
10.Pulley type:_________(ordinary pulley or motorized pulley)

If motorized pulley,please confirm following information:
(1)Motor installation type:______________(exterior installation or interior installation)
(2)Motor Power:_________Kw.
(3)Motor Voltage:3 phase ______V______Hz.

Besides,in order to ensure conveyor pulley to meet your needs,please confirm the conveyor information:
1.Handling Capacity:________t/h.
2.Belt speed:__________m/s.
3.Driven device Power:_____________kw.
It’s better that if you can provide pulley drawings! 


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