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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Selection of Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Corrugated sidewall belt is used for pulling and carrying purposes for corrugated sidewall conveyor. It consists of a baseband, corrugated sidewall and baffle. The corrugated sidewall connects with both sides of baseband while the baffle connects with both side of corrugated wall accordingly to a certain space.
1. Baseband 
The baseband appearance of corrugated sidewall belt is the same with ordinary belt ,but its lateral stiffness is greater than ordinary belt. Usually corrugated sidewall belt adopts special belt as its baseband, the tensile materials (core layer) can be divided into four kinds: cotton canvas, nylon canvas, polyester canvas and steel wire.
2. Corrugated sidewall
This series of products using S-type of corrugated sidewall.
3. Baffle
a) This series of product is recommended to use type T, type TS (B), type TC, type TCS (B) and type C baffles.
b) Type T and type TS (B) baffles are only suitable for conveyor angle β≤40 ° while type TC and type TCS (B) and type C of baffles are suitable for conveyors with any transmission angle.
c) Type C baffle is suitable for conveying viscous materials. On the other hand, if the conveying angle and material density are greater, then type TCS (b) baffle should be used.
d) The spacing between baffles is integral multiple of waveform of the corrugated sidewall. The spacing between baffles (TS) and height (H) are related to conveying angle β.  


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