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Friday, September 4, 2015

What are the Components of Belt Conveyor

1. Conveyor frame parts
Including: head frame, tail frame, intermediate frame and supporting leg which are produced by cutting, welding, punching and polishing with standard channel, angle iron, steel and other.
2. Composition of other components:
i. Roller
Roller has the highest quantity and is the most carrying parts of belt conveyor. Impact roller, friction centering carrier roller, belt conveyor roller, and so on are included. The lifespan of roller is depends on the usage, usually the roller needs to be replaced every one to two years.

belt conveyor rollers
ii. Drum pulley 
Power conversion device and redirection device of belt conveyor including the drive pulley and return pulley. It is durable but the bearings need to be lubricated.

belt conveyor pulley manufacturer
iii. Conveyor belt
It is one of the most expensive parts of belt conveyor, and also an important part to carry the materials. Hence, it needs to be maintained properly.
iv. Driving device
It is the power source of belt conveyor. Commonly motor works together with reducer, however, motorized pulley can also be used. 
3. Cleaning device
Including : head cleanser, non-loaded cleanser, tail cleanser, spring cleanser and so on.

belt conveyor cleaning device
4. Protection device
Including : pull-cord switch, running deviation switch, skid detector and so on.

pull switch of belt conveyor
5. Electronic control device: 
Including: electric cabinet, power protection device.
All the parts mentioned above are needed to ensure the normal operation ad production of belt conveyor, hope this article is helpful!

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