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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Five Reasons Why You Need Pay Attention To Conveyor Pulley

Rubber falling off the pulley is one of the common trouble of belt conveyor,after many years of practice and analysis, the reasons are as following:

1.The wrapping angle between pulley and belt is too small.
Peripheral force of driving pulley is transmitted to belt by friction.In running,in order to avoid slipping between pulley and belt,the belt tension is not allowed too big.According to Euler’s Formula,if the wrapping angle is smaller,the belt tension will be bigger,so it’s easy to slip.Slipping will speed up the wear of pulley.
2.Water or wet material stick on the belt surface.
When transporting material contents dust,like coal,ore and so on ,we usually use water spray to remove dust,thus water will be mixed with material and stick on belt surface,besides,rain will also lead water sticking on belt, once water sticks on belt surface,the friction coefficient between belt and pulley will decline which will cause slipping between belt and pulley,and speed up the wear of pulley.
conveyor pulley

3.The tension is too small.
Tension device is very important to conveyor pulley,if the tension is too small,it will lead to slip,causing wear of pulley,when the tension distance is not enough and the belt with permanent deformation,we can cut a segment of belt,then vulcanize again.
4.The failure of cleanser.
The failure of cleanser can result in the adhesive materials entering into belt and pulley,causing wear between belt and pulley, thus the rubber cover will fall off the pulley,and reduce the service life of belt.
5.Belt conveyor material scattering .
Belt conveyor material scattering is a common problem,when the material scatter during machine running,a portion of material will enter into belt and pulley,which will cause the wear of rubber surface and belt.

conveyor pulley

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