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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Reasons of Drifting of Belt Conveyor

As one of the most common conveyors, belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, electricity, coal, mining, port, transportation and so on. In operation of belt conveyor, there is much drifting of the machine. The following is reasons of the phenomenon.
1. There is coal or other attachments in the surface of pulley or idler.
2. There is mistake in the degree of net post manufacture of driving pulley and bend pulley.
3. Driving pulley and bend pulley are not parallel.
4. Diameters of driving pulley and bend pulley are inconsistent.
5. Center line of driving pulley and bend pulley is not vertical with center line of machine body.
6. Feeding position is inappropriate.
7. Center of pulley is not in the center line of the machine.
8. Installation of idler is inappropriate.
9. Stiffness of frame is bad which causes the deformation of the machine.
10. Joint of belt conveyor is inappropriate or the belt conveyor is aging and deterioration.
11. Rotation of unilateral bearing is not flexible.
12. The damage of ware of the two side of driving pulley are inconsistent.
13. The adjusting device is damaged.
14. Girdle pulley in head and bend pulley are not parallel.
15. Center lines in both sides of belt conveyor are not consistent, or the margin of belt is heavily damaged.
16. Installation of feeder, unloader and sweeper is inappropriate.
17. Degrees of ware of two sides of coal unloading pulley are inconsistent.
18. Take-up tension of belt conveyor is not enough.
19. Feeding direction and height arrangement are inappropriate.
20. Support of idler is heavily damaged.

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