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Thursday, December 31, 2015

How do the belt conveyor buffer bed function?

How do the belt conveyor buffer bed function?

Buffer Bed is mainly used for vibration damping protection of conveyor belt at material discharging point. When the material fall down, buffer bed uses its own elasticity to minimize the impact force when material falls down on the belt to ensure normal operation of belt conveyor. In addition, the buffer strip of bed surface consist of five million ultra high molecular polyethylene plates,which contacts the belt surface well to reduce the friction coefficient to the minimum.Here PK Machinery introduce the main characters and features of belt conveyor buffer bed.
1.The smooth UHMW PE surface reduces friction coefficient of conveyor belt and impact strip to minimum.Thick polyethylene layer is more widely used and durable.
2.The front and back of polyethylene surface form into a curved surface, thus ensuring the smooth passing by of the conveyor belt.
3. The excellent performance of the special rubber layer can effectively absorb the momentum when material falling down.
4. Each part of buffer strip is combined with hot vulcanization, compact and firm.

conveyor belt buffer bed
Belt Conveyor Buffer Bed
1. No moving components, low daily maintenance cost.
2. Even bearing force, large supporting area, small belt sagging, damage and materials dropping.
3. Strong absorption of impact energy.
4. Suitable for all kinds of belt width and angle.
5. It can withstand strong impact.
6. Quick and easy installation, easy to check and replace.
7. It can be installed at the conveyor belt blanking point.
8. Prolong the belt life.
belt conveyor buffer strip
Belt Conveyor Buffer Bed

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