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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Please Focus on the Installation Method of Portable Belt Conveyor

Please Focus on  the Installation Method of Portable Belt Conveyor 

As an efficient and convenient transportation equipment, mobile belt conveyor has played an important role in the process of conveying bulk material, lump material and other materials.

Upon receipt of inquiry Mobile belt machine, our engineers according to the different needs of customers, design different bandwidth and different lengths.
However, due to the packaging volume of mobile belt conveyor is too large, in order to facilitate transport, we generally will demolish the mobile belt conveyor before shipment.Therefore,when customer received the equipment,they need to disassemble the mobile belt conveyor again.
It should be noted that, during the installation process, the core of the belt conveyor is installed to install the rope and belts.Whether they install the rope and belts correctly will impact directly on the lifting capacity and operational capabilities when using belt.
In order to allow customers to better put into use, our engineers attached the following drawings to show the installation of wire rope and belt toward:
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