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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What Should You Pay Attention to About the Conveyor Belt with Large Angle?

Why you should pay attention to the belt conveyor with large angle? That almost because the heavily damaged by the belt which is under the overload.And then,this damaged will not only lead to the belt reversal,but cause more seriously accidient like belt broken,frame destroy.In order to avoid more damaged by the conveyor belt with large dip angle,it is necessary to learn the anti-reversal control methods.The following introduction would like to introduce the analysis detailedly.

Are you still using the capture device method to avoid this destory by the overload?You may find that it doesn't have a better real effect.Today we will show you a fresh way which you should pay attention so much.
With the anti-reversal control method,it’s better for you to adopt unidirectional rollers.
1.     When the belt goes up, the rollers will rotate accordingly
in this case, friction between upper belt and rollers is rolling friction.
2.     When the belt is breakage and upper belt goes downward slide, the rollers will not do reverse rotation
on this occasion, friction between upper belt and rollers is sliding friction. 
And then,in this way can it realize breaking.

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