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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Looking to Change Your Conveying and Screening Equipment?

Looking to Change Your Conveying and Screening Equipment?

In the process of operation,the conveying and screening equipment always cannot meet the needs of large materials supply.In order to improve the production efficiency and increase equipment capacity,conveyor and vibrating screen equipment will be used together with bin. Here our engineer will show you some useful tips for you purchase equipment.Hope this can be most help you.

Why we should use the bin together with the conveying and screening equipment?The reason is that the bin is an important connecting parts for the belt conveyor or vibrating screen.Silo is a common connection device,which has the advantages of store materials,reduce the impact to screen mesh when feeding material and increase the service life of the equipment.In the bottom of the bin to join electric flashboard valve or warehouse wall vibrator can better control of hopper feed speed, even feeding.

Adding silo or hopper above the conveying equipment or screening equipment can not only increase productivity, but also reduces the amount of labor intensity and operating personnel workers, thereby reducing the cost of the pipeline, save production costs.So don't change you conveying and screening equipment so fast.Maybe you can add a bin or hopper,then the problem will be solved.


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