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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Keep Attention the Safety Installation of Coal Mine Belt Conveyor

Keep Attention the Safety Installation of Coal Mine Belt Conveyor

In order to ensure the safety of the operator,it is better to keep the correct installation method in the process of coal mine belt conveyor.Here PK Machinery would like to introduce the measures according to the following aspects.
1.Overall installation standards
   When installing the belt should be:
   ①In accordance with the given production midline, belt should lay flat
   ②Guarantee the upper and lower rollers complete and effective
   ③Make sure sweeper is installed in line with the provisions
   ④Ensure the head closure plate, tail fence is complete and reliable
2.Belt Parts Installation:Components are installed in accordance with the tail, the middle frame, the nose, the order of the belt to transport and put.When the belt is installed to meet the requirements, fixed each connection bolts
3.Belt conveyor is installed in accordance with the head, the middle frame, tail, belt,each roller and belt center line should be put into a straight line
4. Sweeper Installation: When installing, Sweepers require good surface contact with the conveyor belt, while ensuring the nose and tail have a sweeper
5.All the installation is complete and ensure that all rollers in contact with the tape in good condition after, began to test.

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