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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Conveyor Belt Marketing Demand

What can we learn from the conveyor belt marketing?The report shows the expect of growth in Asia Pacific conveyor belting market.

According to a recent research by Future Market Insights,global demand for conveyor belts and the trend is anticipated to continue for a foreseeable future.

The report which covers the ten years of 2015-2025 said that Asia Pacific includes India and China whose industrial investments are among foremost factors driving demand for conveyor belt in the region.

Now let's look at the related characteristics of conveyor belt.
Conveyor Belt  is a friction drive conveyor transported materials continuously. Conveyor Belt  machine comprises the rack, conveyor belt, pulley, rollers, tensioning devices, driving unit and other components. It not only conveys material, but also can cooperate with various industrial equipments to form a rhythmic transport line.

Conveyor belt operating speed generally not more than 2.5 m/s. For large lump size, material with large abrasiveness and fixed unloading device should use low velocity. The relationship between driving pulley diameter and coating layer of conveyor belt, supporting of driving and bend pulley and also requirement for trough angle of idler roller should according to the design specification of conveyor belt, reasonable selection. Direction of feeding should along the operating direction of the conveyor belt, use chute in order to minimize the impact of material fall on receiving belt, reduce material’s free fall distance. The feeding section of conveyor belt should shortened the spacing of idler and use absorber idler as discharge section. The belt should use striker plate with moderately soft, to avoid the rigid striker plate will scrape the belt surface of conveyor belt.
In this marketing,we must change the ways to take part in the market.
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