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Friday, December 18, 2015

How much knowledge do you know about belt conveyor magnetic separator?

When customers purchase belt conveyor, they only provide conveying material name, but seldom mention whether the material contains other impurities or not.For example, if long and big iron contained in the material, it will be easy to scratch the conveyor belt, so magnetic separator plays an important role.In this article,we will introduce the magnetic separator as follows:
Magnetic separator is applicable to various fields deironing, which can realize continuous iron absorption and removal.
Please pay attention to the conveyor belt, bandwidth, dip angle, material properties, moisture, material thickness an iron content percentage, the nature of the magnetic material, as well as the deironing requirements and the environment condition to select a suitable magnetic separator.
Magnetic separator can remove the ferromagnetic impurities which are mixed in material, to ensure the safe and normal transmission system work of the crusher, grinding machine and other mechanical equipment,at the same time it can effectively prevent belt scratch caused by the large, long iron besides,the grade of raw materials can be significantly improved.

belt conveyor magnetic separator

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