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Thursday, December 17, 2015

What Application of Sidewall Belt Conveyor in Thermal Power Plant?

1.Requirements for Belt Conveyor
Sidewall belt conveyor is the main equipment to transport coal and lime-ash in thermal power plant. Therefore it has the high security requirements. In general, the whole transit line is equipped with twin channel sidewall belt conveyor, one is put into use, another is as standby application device. Thus, this coal handling system must be equipped with sidewall belt conveyor with 2500m-3000m length. Applying sidewall belt conveyor to thermal powder plant, it can not only simplify procedure, but also save cost.
2.Features of Belt Conveyor in Power Plant
Due to power plant has high requirements for the security of equipment, technical requirements of sidewall belt conveyor are as follows:
1) It has different requirements for belt conveyor when it used to receive, convey or discharge materials. For instance, if the belt conveyor is used to receive materials, the belt speed of it shouldn’t be too high. If it is used to convey materials, it requires that trough angle of idler decrease properly. If plow discharger is put into use, the cover rubber of belt surface should be thicken properly. 
2)The belt speed should be low. Belt conveyor is mostly arranged in workshop, so it has high requirements for coal dust control. According to domestic and foreign practical experience, it’s better to adopt lower speed.
3)After installation of this machine, it seldom changes its layout.
4)Different coal type has different requirements for belt conveyor. For example, large coal particle size needs impact idler with high quality. Coal with less water and more dust needs guide chute with good sealing. 

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