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Friday, December 11, 2015

What is the Requirement for Belt Conveyor Restart-up?

When the belt conveyor stops , restart-up belongs to overload start. Thus it requires belt conveyor equipped with a frequency converter in order to overload start. Here PK Machinery will summarize the requirement of belt conveyor restart-up.
Belt conveyor in the pick-up for overloading startup, motor output torque, which every support to overcome below the belt between the wheel and the roller shaft caused by static friction torque, also want to overcome the material on the belt tension caused by the downward drag torque.

coal belt conveyor
Materials on the belt tension caused by the downward drag torque is constant.But the static friction force is much larger than the dynamic friction, making it in order to overcome the initial startup of the static friction torque than the normal run-time dynamic friction torque caused by the much larger.
The inverter must have the function of the large starting torque at low speed.Actually in the process of starting, as a result of the belt scale, each wheel is time order one by one according to the rotation, will not rotate at the same time.Even if the wheel rolling, because of low speed between roller and roller shaft lubrication is not good, will be very acerbity, the dynamic friction is unstable, so low starting torque has the certain fluctuation.
fixed belt conveyor
So this kind of big starting torque at low speed is the need to maintain a certain period of time, usually at least a few seconds.The length of the belt and the minimum speed startup, and scalability of the belt.Because of the low speed, and startup torque and speed fluctuation will be big.
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