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Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to Solve the Problem of deviation of belt conveyor

Belt deviation of belt conveyor is the most common troubles in operation. Key points to solve the problem are ensuring the precious size in installation and regular maintenance. As various reasons of deviation, we need to solve problems distinctively.

1. Adjust carrying idler group. When belt in middle section is deviation, can adjust the place of carrying idler group. The concrete way is that forward idler group to the side belt biased while other side backward. Move the lower part of idler left when belt running deviation upward when upper part downward.


2. Install spherical idler group. There are many types of spherical idler, such as intermediate shaft type, four link type, vertical roller type, etc. It is reasonable to install spherical idler for shorter belt or two-way running belt conveyor because shorter belt conveyor is easy deviation and uneasy to adjust. However, longer belt conveyor may as well not use this way as spherical idler may effect the service life of belt.

3. Adjust the positions of driving roller and bend roller. If belt is running deviation to the right side of driving roller, move bearing at right side forward. And same to the left side. Adjustment method of bend roller is opposite with driving roller. Adjust repeatedly to the ideal position and may well as install accurately before adjust the rollers.

Belt Conveyor

4. Adjust take-up unit. Take-up unit adjustment is the very important part of deviation adjustment of belt conveyor. Two bend rollers at the upper side of heavy hammer take-up should perpendicular to belt length direction and vertical gravity to ensure its shaft center line horizontal. When use screw take-up or hydrocylinder take-up, two bearings of take-up roller should translate at the same time to ensure roller axis is vertical with longitudinal direction of belt conveyor.

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